ZRO’s Competitive Advantage

The ZRO is a minimally invasive, transcervical female sterilization device which will provide an alternative to traditional surgical tubal ligation. The ZRO will also provide an alternative to temporary modern contraceptive methods (the pill, the IUD and injectables, ex: NORAPLANT and DEPO PERVERA) being used by women who have finished having children.

The ZRO has tremendous benefits over surgical tubal ligation. The ZRO procedure is minimally invasive resulting in no incisions or scars. The procedure may be easily performed in an office based setting in minutes may only require local anesthesia. The ZRO procedure lowers the likelihood of post-operative pain and most women can expect to return to normal activities the same day compared to three to five days recovery or more for surgical procedures.

The total cost of the ZRO procedure is considerably less than surgical tubal ligation.  The reduced recovery time also lowers overall costs associated with recovery and work loss.

This device is not FDA approved. Not for sale in the U.S.