The market potential for miminally invasive permanent
birth control devices is estimated at $2 billion in the U.S.

The market potential for minimally invasive sterilization devices is very large, with approximately 700,000 tubal ligation procedures performed annually in the United States and over 15 million performed annually, world-wide. In the US and UK, 40% of couples over age 40 elect sterilization or use temporary modern methods of contraception as a PBC. This market is currently underserved and the medical community is gradually recognizing the opportunity for minimally invasive, hysteroscopic sterilization.

The total US market for permanent sterilization was $3.0B in 2006, $2.6B of which was derived from laparoscopic tubal ligation procedures, today’s standard of care. New minimally invasive technologies such as the ZRO device are projected to capture market share in this large market.

This device is not FDA approved. Not for sale in the U.S.