The ZRO® is an minimally invasive female
Permanent Birth Control device.

ZR-Operculum, a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive female sterilization devices and methods, dating back to 1986, has developed a revolutionary, patented technology within the area of implantable female permanent contraception.   Operculum's product portfolio consists of  four issued patents and one trademark. The company is poised to strengthen its Intellectual Property position through advanced product design that improves biological compatibility and anatomical effectiveness. Operculum is committed to expanding its Intellectual Property estate through the continued invention of improved and novel Permanent Birth Control implantable devices that reduce costs, increase safety and efficacy and above all provide access and adoption in the Global Healthcare Market.

Illustration of the ZRO Implant Insertion Method

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This device is not FDA approved. Not for sale in the U.S.